Alexus and Conner’s day was absolutely amazing and filled with love, laughter and heart felt details. We always love hearing our couples’ love story. Each story is special and unique in its own way. It is always interesting to find out who ask who out, who dropped the “L” word first and how he or she asked. So when Alexus shared her and Conner’s story I could help but simply re-post it in this blog. after all it is in her words and we love the details she highlights when telling the story!

Some people have super cute stories on how they met. Like, “we’ve known each other since elementary school” or “oh we met at Disney and it was love at first sight!” Well with me and Connor, he stuck a needle in my arm when I first met him.. Sounds worse than it is! I was donating plasma at Biolife (where he was working at the time) and after a few months of donating I finally was put in this very handsome phlebotomist’s section. When he came over to me to get me hooked up to the machine to start donating (not knowing eventually I would be hooked on him! Like what I did there? Haha Anyways..) he started talking to me about wine. Look, neither of us are alcoholics. I had a shirt on that said “Wine is cheaper than therapy.” Which is totally true! So we had a little small talk throughout the process but nothing came of it that day. The next time I came in though was a different story. I was put in Connor’s section again. This time he had a wingman.. As I’m sitting there donating, this wingman is talking very loudly about plans they had that afternoon and he was asking Connor if he was bringing anyone with him, he did not. At this point Connor was over disconnecting me from the machine and he precedes to ask if I have plans that evening. I definitely did not and was just waiting for him to ask me out! So he finally asked me to go with them and I gave the calm answer of “sure.” Inside though, I was screaming. He wrote his phone number on a gauze package for me which I didn’t realize was completely illegible until I got in the car.. Finally I figured out what he had wrote! He replied when he got off work and wanted to change the plans to going to get drinks, just the two of us. Which was fine with me, because we got to talk just the two of us and get to know each other better.

As time went on we on we starting dating officially and feelings grew stronger. I didn’t want to push Connor into telling me he loved me so I decided to tell him I loved him first, but not just by saying it. Connor loved listening to Frank Sinatra and eventually I became a fan as well. One of Sinatra’s songs is called “Fly Me to the Moon”. In this song the lyrics go “Fill my heart with song, Let me sing for ever more, You are all I long for, All I worship and adore, In other words, please be true, In other words, in other words, I love you.” So I painted a canvas with these lyrics on it and gave it to him. That was how I told him I loved him!

Fast forward to the proposal, which was super sweet! On our year mark of dating, Connor surprised me with a trip to Chateau Elan. I had been longing to go to this winery for a while which made it so special. Connor and I went to a wine tasting at Chateau and during the tasting he asked the lady serving our drinks if she could get a picture of us in front of the beautiful water fountain outside. As we were taking our pictures, Connor gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him! Obviously we know the answer! We had our beautiful wedding and all of our sweet memories were captured by Ross Goodman. Thanks to him and his wonderful wife Jamie, our day was perfect and we will always remember how amazing it was. Between the ceremony, the first kiss, our families, the cake, dancing, and even sneaking off for some alone time; everything came together. Now we are enjoying our happily ever after!