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Real Estate up to 3,000 sqft………………. $60

Real Estate up 3,000 sqft and above ……………. $100

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Sessions are outlined as follows: Client will receive fully edited, creative photo sets that are licensed for use for the client during the time the listing is Active. Photos are not transferable and the copyright remains with the photographer. The photos taken are for the hiring client only and may not be used to promote any other business or person(s) · Photos will not follow the listing, if agent changes, new photos will need to be made.

  •  SEO · Custom Keywords built into the metadata of each photo to boost search ability and rankings

  • An online gallery to download photos

  • MLS resizing of images

* Homes that are not "picture ready" (requiring moving items around or re-staging) or waiting for agent/seller beyond 10 mins are subject to an additional $20 fee · Photos will be locked and unavailable for download until full payment is made · Goodman Photography holds the right if threatened or encounters any possible threatening situations with humans or animals to exclude parts of house to walk of property without return of payment · Travel fees may apply · a 3% fee will be applied to CC and Paypal transfers.

Acceptable forms of payment are: Cash, Paypal (, Checks (payable to Ross Goodman), Facebook Messenger, Bitcoin, magic lamps or anything else of equal or higher value. 

By Scheduling a session you are agreeing to all the above terms.