Ashlyn + Josh | Engagement at Indian Springs, Georgia

The last month has been a challenge with the weather and trying to get engagement sessions in. Luckily we caught a break the other weekend and had a beautiful day at Indian Springs with Ashlyn and Josh.

The intention of an engagement session goes beyond announcements or invitations. We try to educated to use it as a break from the planning and make it a time about each other. Yes, it is a great opportunity to see how well you will work with your photographer and learn likes and dislikes to make your big day a bit easier, but more so it is a chance to make some new memories as you re-live a few recent ones like, how he asked.

One of our favorite activities we have our couples do is to have them take turns and tell us how he asked, one sentence at a time. It brings out those natural expressions and gives us feedback in what kind of couple they might be. (romantic, silly, spontaneous, etc.)

We love it when you bring a piece of the relationship and your life to the session. If was great to see Josh bring his Alvarez guitar. As we learned how he wrote a song for Ashlyn we could see it was more than just a photo prop the guitar is a piece of their relationship, which makes it all the more meaningful and worth including in the session.

One of our favorite moments from the session was when we had Ashlyn and Josh walk down a path. Josh thought it would be funny to fake a fall, apparently this is a common thing which Ashyln appeared un-phased, I on the other hand thought he was about to eat it right there… guess that’s one reason why the groom is already at the alter on wedding days.

We can’t wait for their big day!