The first engagement session of 2018!!! I can't say how awesome this sessions was enough. You will see by the photos how much fun we really had. We tried some new things and we're shaking the blog up a bit this year so I hope you enjoy! Let us know your thoughts below or on Facebook! We cannot wait for Drew and Rebekah's BIG day!!!


When did you know you'd found "the one"?

Rebekah & Drew: "Drew invited me over to his house one night to just hang out and we ended up sitting outside on his back porch until very late (3am) and all we talked about was life, experiences, things that changed who were are and things we wanted in life. From that night I knew he was the one. Not until later when we both talked about that night did I find out he knew that same night that I was the one. It's a special night that we like to remember."

What's one thing you love about your partner?

Rebekah: I love Drew's ability to make me laugh at absolutely anything, but also the laughter we share together, because life is hard and if you have no laughter when moments are hard, it makes it so difficult to get through.

Drew: Rebekah's perseverance and her willingness to give 100% effort, all the time no matter what.

Besides getting married, what's one thing you're looking forward to on your wedding day?

Rebekah & Drew: "For our wedding day, I am most excited about our first look, mainly because Drew and I are very dedicated to each other and the closeness we share as a couple, but also as friends, because he truly is my very best friend. In our first look, it will be just the two of us without anyone else and without the craziness on our special day. I am over the moon excited to see his face when he sees me for the first time that day."

What's one thing you're looking forward to about marriage?

Rebekah & Drew: "One of the things we are most excited about when it comes to marriage: knowing we are building a life and a family with the person God made for us and knowing our children will grow up in a home where their parents truly love and adore one another. Setting a true example of love, trust and loyalty for our children is our ultimate goal."