Bridging The Gap | The BeTween Project

We are just a few month's in to out new project, The BeTween Project and we are loving every moment of it. So far we have met 10 amazing tweens and look forward to meeting many more! We have received some amazing feed back and heard of some incredibly creative was to reveal it to the tween. I think those reveal stories are the best thing I hear from the project! 

Who would have thought!

Roughly three months ago I was watching my tween struggle with issues at school. He is changing as a person, both physically and in his maturity level. It happened over night! Communication and being able to relate to one another is harder. Some conversations now carry a hint of a maturity level of an adult understanding that gets taken for granted when I try and speak to him in words and terms of an adult conversation...  I have to take a step back remind myself the experience isn't there and he doesn't know the various meanings of words just yet. He's reached an age of higher isolation to an extent. We attempt to limit video games and encourage sports, adventure and outdoor activities, but the growing independent isolation of a pre-teen is very real. The fact is parent's schedules fill up as fast as the tween's and patience is tested, whether by homework, clashing stubborn wills or the correct usage of sarcasm back at me... sometimes I catch myself looking back at the week and wonder, didI give a  hug or a kiss when he was conscience? I give a kiss every morning before I head out, but he wouldn't know!  The tween years can be just as hard for a parent as the tween in finding that common ground and understanding. 

Around that time I ran into a project on the west coast and saw how it had the potential to bridge that increasing gap. We decided to use a similar platform with a few tweaks to make it our own and developed it into the BeTween Project. We tested it and it seemed to do just that, bridge the gap. We told others about it and it has grown from there. Other businesses have been pivotal and i'm not sure it would be what it is now without them. From Olde World barber Shoppe in Warner Robins offering free haircuts to participating tweens to Awaken by Kaitlyn, who has been to two events offering hair and makeup to the tweens to further pamper and encourage them. We thank them and welcome others as we plan on future and upcoming BeTween events. 

The Point

The heart and soul of the project is and always will be the encouragement of tweens. Whether it is a resent divorce, bullying, loss of self confidence, sickness, a rough patch in life or maybe just a reassuring reminder, this project stands to be the bridge; not try to understand, but rather to say I may not understand, but love you and this is why. Often times those words can go unheard when spoken or watered down with the same phrases to express them, but for the tween to be able to see them, read them, watch them- the words can not be ignored. 

Please enjoy some photos of the amazing tweens we've been privileged to capture so far.